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Donald Trump, American Dictator

How Can Democracy Possibly Work Under Such Conditions?

One Year of Democracy Americana

Do Americans Value Democracy?

In Defense of My Students

“Faith and Family” vs Democracy

Is This Democracy

Why America’s Elites Love to Decry “Polarization”

The Treacherous Allure of the “Polarization” Dogma

The Triumph of Weaponized Nostalgia

Moralizing Nostalgia Leads to Bad History – and Helps the Anti-Democratic Right

Rightwing Dreams of American Reconquista

Ron DeSantis Dreams About America’s Founding – And How to Destroy His Enemies

Teasing DeSantis – and a Call for Questions

The Supreme Court vs. Modern Democracy, Part II

The Ambivalence of the Fourth of July

The Rogue Court vs Modern Democracy

One Year on From Dobbs: The Dangers of Radicalizing Minority Rule

Why the Right Has a Problem with Juneteenth

How Republicans Give Themselves Permission to Embrace Trump and His Many Crimes

What We Are Fighting Over

The Status-Quo Fundamentalism of the “Moderate” Arbiters of Reason

The Fascistic Myth of Trump’s Special Connection to “Real America”

All the Wrong Lessons from Trump’s Rise

Vigilante Violence Is Part of the Right’s Plan

How White Men Have Always Fought – and Thought of Themselves

The Sabotage of Twitter Is a Disaster for Democracy

There Are No Decisive Victories for Democracy to Be Had Yet

America Is Sacrificing Its Children at the Altar of the Gun

If It’s Really That Bad, People Need To Know

The “Free Speech Crisis” Is Not a Crisis. It Is Progress.

On “Cancel Culture”

The State of the Union and the Problem of Unity

On the Murder of Tyre Nichols

The IRS, Fake Populism, and the Conspiratorial Right on the Beach

The Insurrectionists Finally Took the House