Mass shootings are a political problem. A democracy problem. A uniquely American problem.
Unless America’s leading institutions act accordingly, why would anyone believe Trump is a serious criminal threat - or that the danger to democracy is…
America is in the midst of a profound renegotiation of speech norms. That process can be messy. But it’s not “cancel culture.” It is necessary and…
A deep dive into the narrative that America is experiencing an acute “free speech crisis” – and why it is so misleading

February 2023

On Bidenism – and the limits and pitfalls of a unity politics that runs the risk of stifling the response to the authoritarian assault on democracy

January 2023

Reflections on systemic racism and the question of who gets to be violent in America – and whose responsibility it is to stop the violence
From a personal encounter with MAGA America on the beach straight to the legislative priorities of the Republican Party
McCarthy is speaker. The extremists won. The Republican Party is getting worse.

December 2022

Reactionaries largely agree with Putin’s critique of the weak, “woke” West. To the Right, the fight against multiracial pluralism overrides everything…
Conservatism no more! A reflection on what we are up against – Part III
The Radicalization of the Right and the Reactionary Assault on Democracy. A reflection on what we are up against – Part II
Don’t trust people who keep promising a GOP pivot that never comes