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Your analysis is very very persuasive and I really appreciate the perspective on the US you have, as a scholar from Germany.

"unless they are stopped"

"will either *be stopped* or succeed"

HOW do "we" or whoever makes up the anti-minoritarian, pro-multicultural multiracial pluralistic democratic society camp, do the stopping? Hope one of your next essays offers some thoughts on that! Thank you for sharing your wonderful work!

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I hope it makes sense to you that the only people who can answer your question is us.

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THANK YOU, as always, for this very lucid essay. The hard intellectual work, the articulation, that you do is important.

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Every word is accurate.

The fact that we're just cruising into the 4th of July with no meaningful messaging by Democrats as to the dangers we face is incredibly disheartening.

Tuberville has held up promotions for months...where is the outrage by Senate Democrats?

There is overwhelming evidence of corruption of the Court...Durbin (as predicted) is running out the clock, hoping we'll forget after the August recess.

Confirmations of judges and Cabinet officials were delayed by months because of Feinstein's illnesses, but there has been no cessation of recesses by Schumer, even though it's almost guaranteed that Democrats will lose the Senate in 2024.

We have an AG who, at best, can be described as derelict, remains in office.

DeJoy, who is systematically destroying the Post Office, remains in office. Wray, who somehow 'missed' an insurrection plotted in plain sight, remains in office

We're in a crisis that no one in Democratic leadership acknowledges.

It's disorienting and surreal.

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You are absolutely right. I am a moderate/left-leaning centrist and I fully admit to the failings you have identified here. Thank you for an excellent article.

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Well said. I just watched Eldorado everything the Nazis Hate on Netflix. The Right is following the same fascist playbook. Today, womem, LGBTQ+, people of color, immigrants, non Evangelical Christian, our history, the health of this planet are being attacked to create an other to hate, the groups to take rights away from. It happened in democratic multiracial pluralistic Germany, it has happened in Hungry, Turkey, to some extent in India, in China, Ethiopia, Uganda, and more. It can definitely happen here. Now is a time to be very afraid. Now is a time to contact all representatives and let them know to fight, now is the time to discuss these issues and to vote. I hope it is not too late. At 71, I definitely grew up in a JaneCrow country, it has gotten better, but still is not good. The steps backward make me feel hated by my country just because I was born female. No one should have to feel this.

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2 marks for Jane Crow.

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